Hilton Plans to Add Smart Hotel Room Features in 2018

Hilton is planning to roll out a personalized room experience to its hotels in 2018. The new integrated technology will allow users to control a lot of aspects of their rooms, such as temperature and lighting. Currently, the feature is in the beta testing, and once it gets rolled out, users will be able to use it from the mobile Hilton Honors app.

Hilton is working on a plan to make sure that its guests have all the options to modify the room experience, just the way they want.

According to Joshua Sloser, a senior vice president of digital, “a guest will be able to save preferences in the app, such as by favoriting a TV channel or setting a thermostat, and their selections will be applied when they check in”.

He said, “if you like your room cold and to have ESPN on the TV, the room can start cooling once you check in. And when you use the phone or room remote to turn on the TV, your favorite ESPN and other channels would be on the screen by default.”

Furthermore, Hilton even plans to take this initiative to the next level by enabling its rooms to respond to voice commands. So, let’s see how things work out…