Spotify Grows Its Profile by Partnering with Eventbrite for Concert Listings

Spotify has been offering concert listing recommendations for quite some time now. And, a big credit goes to SoundKick here. There have already been options like LiveNation, Ticketmaster and SongKick itself. But now, it is the time to add yet another company to the list. Yes, we are talking about Eventbrite.

You know what? Unlike other services, you can buy tickets from Eventbrite in just a couple taps, and that makes it a far easier option than others.

Just like any other concert listing, Eventbrite events’ listing will show up in your feed depending on your listening habits. If you want to go to any concert, all you need to do is, tap “Find Tickets”, and you will be directed to the concert page to buy your ticket from there.

Eventbrite, while talking about the deal in its blog post, said that a third-party study conducted by Music Watch, Inc found that 42% of people discover bands and emerging artists through platforms like Spotify.

It further added, “With the new integration, Spotify listeners can complete their ticket purchase on Eventbrite in two quick taps – no login or captcha required. Since every additional step costs 10% in conversion on average, this seamless checkout experience will reduce overall drop-off and dramatically increase ticket sales for artists and promoters.”