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Airbus Flying Taxi All Set to Make First Flight in 2018

2018 seems to be the year where you might have a chance to travel by flying taxi. You don’t believe it, right? Well, it is all real because the European aviation giant Airbus claimed that the company’s flying taxi concept will be able to make its first flight by the end of next year.

However, before making the trips fully autonomous, human pilots will do the job, whereas a flying taxi has a capacity to take up to four passengers at a time. Apart from that, Airbus flying taxi has been designed to take vertical take-offs that also aim to connect with major transportation hubs including airports and train stations.

After taking a successful ground test, the company is pretty optimistic about its launch. Therefore, this is what Marius Bebesel, City Airbus’s chief engineer has to say: “We now have a better understanding of the performance of City Airbus’ innovative electric propulsion system, which we will continue to mature through rigorous testing while beginning the assembly of the full-scale City Airbus flight demonstrator.”

According to CNBC, the Airbus is planning to operate the craft on fixed routes with maximum speed of 80mph. Well, this will certainly be an amazing ride to save plenty of time and avoid massive traffic on the roads.