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BlackBerry DTEK50 - first ever touchscreen smartphone

Good News for BlackBerry Lovers As the Company Launches the Most Secure Smartphone

It seems to be a treat for BlackBerry lovers because the company has launched its first ever touch screen smartphone. Not only this, BlackBerry claims it to be the most secure Android phone on the market so far.

“When it comes to security, Android smartphones from BlackBerry are ahead of all other Android smartphones,” BlackBerry said. “Security isn’t something that’s tacked on. It’s fully integrated into the BlackBerry device hardware and OS. BlackBerry sets the bar in incident response and patches management, and brings world-renowned security experts and testing to DTEK50.”

It wouldn’t be right to call DTEK50 a less competitive phone. Although it’s been introduced quite late, but comprises of several unique BB (BlackBerry) tools including rapid security patching and complete encryption assurance which makes this phone a reliable option to buy.

Can’t wait to grab yours?

Go to the BlackBerry’s official website.