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Google Upping Its Game by Introducing Its Two New Adwords Products: Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns

What’s the most popular Google product that drives millions and billions of revenue to its already brimming treasury? It’s Google Adwords. According to 2015 report, Google generates over US$44.46 billion revenue through its ads marketing alone. Now, the big G is planning to kick its ads business up a notch by introducing two new advertising models: Customer Match and Universal App Campaign.

Starting with the Customer Match ad campaign, this new model will allow advertisers to upload their mailing lists to the Adwords. The Customer Match, as the name suggests, will match the list with the users who are signed-in on Gmail, Google Web Search and Youtube, ultimately showing them the intended advertises.

Take for instance a crockery store that can upload the emails of its customers to the Customer Match campaign. The next time the same customers make any relevant search, they would be shown ads from the crockery store which will then follow the users to their Gmail, Web Search and even on Youtube.

However, targeting the ads to the advertisers’ uploaded email isn’t the only thing this new model would do. Google will also allow the advertisers to use the data from the same mailing lists to find more signed-in users who, however, may not be in the list but have the same profile.

The concept behind this ad business isn’t new, unless you have never tried Facebook ad marketing before. Yes, Facebook has already been using this model for 2 to 3 years.

Another advertising model that Google added to its inventory is the Universal App Campaign, or simply the Android app advertising tool. As you may have guessed by now, this new product targets its ads to app users across Google’s app platforms like Google Play, Search as well as Youtube. However, it has not been cleared yet whether it’d function the same as the Customer Match, i.e., follow the user from his/her Gmail to Google Play or Youtube.