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Apple Watch to hit the market this year

The Next Apple Watch Won’t Connect to the iPhone Due To Battery Concerns

Apple is expected to launch its most-awaited Apple Watch before the end of this year.  With that saying, Bloomberg has some solid details on what to expect and what not from Apple’s next generation watch.

The new version of Apple Watch will likely to include GPS capabilities to facilitate users with location tracking without the phone. And, it’s probably going to be a big achievement for the company which will certainly leave positive impacts on users. But, a little heart-breaking news is that the watch will still require your phone for most of the times.

The report suggests that Apple was trying to add a full-fledged cellular chip into the watch, so that it could work on its own. But unfortunately, it’s not going to happen this time.

Due to battery concerns this incredible feature will be omitted from the upcoming version of the Apple Watch. Somehow, if the feature would be added, then the battery would have to be compromised a lot and this is what Apple doesn’t want at all.

Although, the ultimate aim of Apple is to separate the Watch and iPhone entirely, but it’s certainly not happening at least this time.

However, the brighter side of the watch is that it focuses on health and fitness tracking which will make it fantastic at calculating the walking and running distances.