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kawasaki artificial intelligence motorcycle

Kawasaki Developing Artificial Intelligence for Talking Motorcycles

Artificial intelligence in cars is new talk of the town which is being built in the form of Android Auto, CarPlay, allowing drivers to communicate via voice assistance such as Google Now and Siri. But when it comes to motorcycles, there is no one doing it except Kawasaki.

Yes, you’ve heard that right. Kawasaki announced that they are now in the process of developing AI for motorcycles which will certainly bring remarkable achievement in the history of biking.

Kawasaki is calling it the ‘Kanjo Engine’ which has entered into its early stages of development. The company promises that Kanjo Engine will add true class, elegance and personality because users will be able to talk to their bikes in normal language.

Not only this, the system will also help Kawasaki improve the performance of their motorbikes for better user experience as well.