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‘Minority Report’, New TV Series Predicts the Technology the Future Will Hold

If you haven’t heard it yet, Minority Report has been turned to a TV series with its pilot episode aired on Sep. 21, 2015. Soon after its movie version was released in 2002, we saw a rapid surge in technological wonders say like touch or gesture technology, smartphones, tablet PCs with iPad being the first, and so on.

Similarly, the new Minority Report TV series has said to be unveiling some of the incredible technologies that according to Greg Borenstein’s vision the next 50 years will produce. Borenstein is a Media Lab graduate at MIT whom the TV producer approached to – just like Steven Spielberg did when he reached to MIT researcher John Underkoffler – to get the idea of conceptual technologies of the future.

So, let’s see what sort of future technologies Mr. Borenstein has envisioned:

  • The reincarnation of extinct species with DNA sequencing. Envisioning extinct species brought back to life isn’t a new concept as it is already being researched for quite many years. Still, it is one of the most anticipated technologies that every scientist is looking forward to.
  • Emotionally customized ads will be taken to the next level. Ads that are bespoken based on emotions are part of today’s marketing campaigns worldwide. However, Borenstein believes that in the few years, this bespoke advertisement will see its next phase when the advertisements will be modified to specific consumers.
  • Mass-scaling of contact-lenses cameras for law enforcers. Cameras have become a necessity for the law enforcers to record the true moments of every situation they go through throughout the day take for instance the dashboard camera in a police car. Borenstein predicts that soon these cameras will be embedded into contact-lenses for better convenience plus efficiency.
  • Skype communication will take an evolutionary step in the form of 3D or holographic communication. It is true that people are tired of video conferencing using flat screens, and now they want more. Seeing that need of the people today, it is not long that Skype conversations will be held using 3D or holographic technology.
  • Augmented reality technology will be used to recreate crime scenes. What could help our society better than figuring out the crimes right on the spot and bring justice to everyone’s life.
  • Autopilot cars will be the norm, and mind-controlling will take its first step. Google has already taken the first step to producing autopilot cars, and soon we will see such cars all around us. However, mind-controlling different species is something quite far-fetched, but not impossible.