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BMW’s Electric Scooter with 99-Mile Range is going to hit the US Market Soon

We know BMW because of its super luxury cars, but the automobile company is also doing a remarkable job in its motorcycle division as well. And, the updated version of BMW’s C evolution scooter is just the result of it, which is going to hit the US market soon.

So, let’s see what distinguishes the new version from its predecessor.

The scooter is fully capable of producing a continuous 26 horsepower which is more than enough to give it a speed up to 80mph.

Practically, the scooter is not designed to break any speed record. Instead, it’s been launched to fulfill the basic traveling needs of its audience.

The scooter has 94 amp hours which performs similar to Samsung lithium ion batteries. Moreover, the aerodynamic optimized cooling air shaft makes it a sustainable option against heat dissipation.

However, you have to wait a little more about the pricing details because the company hasn’t revealed such a news in any of its press releases yet.