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Burger-Flipping Robot is the New Member in CaliBurger’s Kitchen

CaliBurger, one of the finest burger joints has unveiled the new addition to their family on Tuesday. Well, for your kind information, it is not a human employee at all, but a robot that will serve as an assistant for flipping burgers. Therefore, CaliBurger has named it Flippy. And, the fast food chain is planning to roll out this new tech assistant to more than 50 locations worldwide by the end of 2019.

This AI-driven kitchen assistant is developed by Miso Robotics and CaliBurger’s owner, Cali Group. In order to detect ingredients in a kitchen, Flippy uses cameras, sensors and deep learning software. Most importantly, it doesn’t only flip the patties, but also tracks their temperature and cooking time too, so that a human cook never misses out a single second to apply the toppings.

While talking about Flippy, John Miller, chairman of the Cali Group said that this burger-flipping robot will not replace a kitchen worker completely, but will allow the restaurant to engage more employees with customers to provide an awesome customer service experience.

“The application of artificial intelligence to robotic systems that work next to our employees in CaliBurger restaurants will allow us to make food faster, safer and with fewer errors.” Said Miller.

However, as far as the cost of this burger-flipping robot is concerned, Miso Robotics is working closely with customers to come up with a reasonable pricing model.