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Customer Services on Twitter Gets Improved: Brands Can Now Use Location Data in DM

In today’s rapidly growing and impactful digital world, social media is not just about marketing. In fact, it is more about a satisfied customer experience. Therefore, Twitter wants brands to get a step closer to their respective customers with its new tool specifically launched to improve customer services.

The latest addition provides brands with an opportunity to share location data with customers and ask for it within direct messages. This move will eventually be a meaningful guide for people searching for nearby stores, hotels or any outlet. And, the feature is available through Twitter’s developer program only to partners offering customer service tools for brands.

As far as the customer engagement is concerned, this tool will certainly be a useful asset for brands as it will allow them to ask customers for their exact locations so that they can be provided with better services with more efficiency.

It is not a rocket science that people find difficult to handle. Instead, they have all the control of it. Moreover, Twitter provides you with an option to pick a place name from a list. Means, you don’t really have to be their physically.

Remember, customers have all the power to make or break any brand. With such challenge, your business can make a solid use of Twitter’s latest feature to add a more personalized feel.