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Vibes: Finally a Better Dating App?

Dating has been one of the most common demands in the app stores mainly because it is considered to be a great source of entertainment, especially for the youth. Identifying this as the sweet spot, multiple developers started throwing dating apps in stores and new ones are usually neglected because of this. However, Vibes seem to understand the problem with existing dating apps and has differentiated itself from Tinder, Bumble and others. Continue reading Vibes: Finally a Better Dating App?

Hinge Will Not Require Facebook Login Now

Dating apps have been very popular in recent years and the statistics reveal that apps like Tinder and Hinge are experiencing rapid growth with respect to the number of users. While Tinder still remains the leader in dating apps market, Hinge is growing with the passage of time and the new strategy that it is introducing would mean an even higher number of users in coming years. Continue reading Hinge Will Not Require Facebook Login Now


Dating App Bumble Launches Bizz, A Safe Platform for Professional Networking

Bumble, unlike other dating apps, is unique in its nature because it allows women to choose who they want to talk to. By using Bumble, women have all the authority to make their choices. On the other hand, men have to wait to be contacted.

Just a few months ago, Bumble made an announcement that it would add business networking feature to its dating app. And, finally it’s here. The new feature is called Bizz and it has already been launched in US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

The same “women make the first move” theme is integrated into Bizz. Whereas, the core purpose of Bizz is to “clear up the grey areas in networking that often make women feel uncomfortable”.

However, matching Bizz with LinkedIn is not right because it is not meant to provide recruitment services. Although the app allows women to network with professionals, but it won’t get you a job at all, as it is intended for networking and mentoring only.