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Gmail Takes Step to Make Your Emails Look Better on Phone

It’s a fact that majority of people read emails from smartphones rather than from desktop computers or laptops. However, one problem that becomes the biggest frustration for everyone is the screen size of emails on phone.

We all have to adjust our phones’ screens to read the text properly and it consumes a hell lot of a time. However, it seems like Gmail has taken this gigantic issue seriously. And to overcome it, Gmail will start supporting emails made with responsive design.

Sound’s like a big relief, right?

Exactly, with such advancement, reading emails will be an extremely incredible experience for users without adjusting screens to make the text prominent.

On the other hand, in order to address people about the upcoming revolutionary change, Piere Vollucci, Gmail’s product manager wrote a blog post and below mentioned are his words;

“These changes will make your email experience as comfortable and intuitive as possible. And as responsive design becomes more common, you’ll continue to see emails that fit better on all your screens and devices.” (Source: Digital Trends)

So, wait till the end of September to enjoy a stress-free and extremely smooth email experience by Gmail.