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The Cat is Out of the Bag – Facebook Finally Unveils Its “Dislike” Button

Facebook “Dislike” button is perhaps the most awaited feature of the decade. Luckily, the never-ending wait is finally over as the dislike book has been finally revealed a few days ago.

However, it is not like the usual dislike button some users would expect, unless they have been closely following the updates. To add more engagement to conversations and, perhaps, more transparency to users’ reactions to a post, Facebook has integrated into emoji-based buttons that it calls “reactions”. The feature is added to its “Like” button and can be accessed upon hovering over it or pressing it (for mobile app).

To those who have been eagerly following the updates on the “dislike-button”, expected that something like this would happen. After all, Mark Zuckerberg gave a hint on September that the button wouldn’t be a simple “hands-down”. Zuckerberg stated while talking to Venture Beat that since “Like-button” isn’t a suitable response to posts on war, crime or death, a simple dislike isn’t different than that. Hence, it would clearly be more vulnerable to abuse.

Since Facebook always strive to improve users’ interaction experience, emoji-based buttons would suit more to users’ liking. With the new feature, users can clearly express whether they find the post amusing, sad or unpleasant. For now, Facebook has introduced only six emoticons to the Like button yet such as Love, Sad, or angry. Whether more emoticons will be added to the list or not, who knows!

The sad thing about the new feature, or more like an extension, is that it isn’t available to all the billions of Facebook users. Reactions, the emoticons, has been opened to only the users of Spain and Ireland, and the feature will more likely be tweaked and improved based on the users’ response.