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Facebook paying celebrities and media companies to use live video streaming service

Facebook Is Paying Media Companies and Celebrities to Make Live Videos

Facebook is all geared up to pay celebrities and media companies such as New York Times and BuzzFeed to boost its live video streaming service.

In recent weeks Facebook has been working out with a lot of celebrities to promote its video streaming option which the company says will turn out to be a huge platform for streaming live videos through smartphones.

And, this is what Fidji Simo the product director in charge of Facebook’s live video push has to say about it: “We’re working with a few partners, and in some of the cases that includes a financial incentive.”

Apart from BuzzFeed and New York Times, media outlets like Mashable, the Huffington Post, Vox Media and CNN have signed contract with Facebook to use its live video streaming service. Not only this, celebrities including Gordon Ramsay, Deepak Chopra, Kevin Hart and Russell Wilson are all set to join hands with Facebook to make videos.

However, BuzzFeed with $3.05 million is considered to be the highest-paid publisher on the list.