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Facebook Messenger on the Roll – Adds Reactions and Mentions for Improved Group Chats

Facebook messenger is always on the roll towards improved chat experience for the users. And for this, it keeps on adding interesting features quite frequently. But this time, Facebook messenger has added two extremely major features that are certainly going to give some tough time to the competitors.

Let’s start with the first one. Reactions!

Yes, Facebook messenger now allows users to react to their friends’ messages. Be it a link, text or any other form of message, you will be able to react to it accordingly such as love, laugh, anger, surprise and thumbs etc. And once you react, a user will instantly receive notification.

The second amazing and pretty useful feature from so many perspective is Mentions. With such an addition, you will be able to mute your group chats and still receive notifications when anyone specifically @mentions you.

Both of the updates are rolling out to users from today. So, you can expect it to be visible on your messenger app in a next few days.