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Facebook Fights Fake News by Disabling Modified Link Previews

Facebook has started rolling out a new feature that aims to eradicate fake news from making it on the social channel. The new feature acts as a solid barrier against non-publishers who usually edit the link previews that appear on the website when they post a story. And, that also includes the image, headline and text snippet which become the target to manipulate audience.

According to Facebook, the new feature will assist the social network in eliminating false news. Because, a lot of fake news distributors have been misusing the ability to customize metadata for spreading unauthentic information. Not only this, they have even been replacing the image, headline and snippet with controversial content for the sake of likes, shares and comments.

However, this feature disables the capability to modify link previews, which will eventually help Facebook overcome one of the ways people use to mislead the audience.

On the other hand, Facebook also made sure that original publishers don’t have to suffer by adding a new tab under Page Publishing Tools which can be used to apply for link ownership.