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Facebook's purple reaction to celebrate Mother's Day

Facebook Celebrating Mother’s Day With Its Temporary Flower Reaction

Mother! It’s a name that teaches us everything to lead a successful life. She is the one who stands by with us in every walk of life. Now, it’s our time to pay tribute to this beautiful person who never gets tired of doing anything to make us happy.

And to celebrate Mother’s Day, Facebook is coming up with its temporary flower reaction.

Twitter user Sreedev Sharma found a purple reaction in the Facebook source code which he has posted on his twitter account. In reaction to his tweet, Facebook also confirmed that it is going to roll out a temporary flower reaction in a couple of markets for a limited period.

Well, when it comes to Facebook, launching a feature is not something new. It has previously rolled out so many features to celebrate various sports events and national days across the world. But, this purple reaction for Mother’s Day will certainly help Facebook win millions of hearts from all around the globe.

Feature Image Courtesy of: http://www.engadget.com/2016/05/05/facebook-temporary-reactions-mothers-day/