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Sona Connected Bracelet – Let’s You Meditate With More Control & Style

Meditation is a serious need in today’s day and age. The cutthroat competition around us and the fast-paced lifestyle leave little to no room for us to give our mind and body the “Zen” it frantically craves.

So, what could be the best way to track our daily activities and acquire the needed zen without slowing ourselves down? Connected Technologies…! Sona, a renowned maker of connected wearables, has recently introduced its first connected bracelet. The bracelet’s job is to help you improve your overall wellness through activity tracking.

Indeed, Sona’s connected bracelet isn’t the first wearable that lets you track your heart rate as there are many other that came before it. However, what make’s Sona stand out from the hordes of similar gadgets out there is that it takes fitness tracking a step beyond.

Unlike other connected wearables, Sona provides a more detailed or advanced heart rate information. It has a built in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracker that that not just tracks your pulse rate but also gives you the added information about your cardiovascular and even nervous system.

The bracelet comes in three appealing color combinations. It is made of genuine leather, and milled metal hardware, plus the glossy looks. Apart from advanced sensors like PPG and MEMS motion sensors, it also has a built in vibrator that notifies the users of any incoming calls or text.

Perhaps, one of the most remarkable features of Sona is its Caeden App that tracks even the slight changes in the heart rate and immediately directs you to its Resonance system, which is a meditation program that helps you catch your breath and stabilize your heart rate.

The early-bird pricing for the Sona connected bracelet is $129 that includes some pre-order-exclusive addons like carrying pouch, charging dock, etc.

Image Courtesy of: Caeden