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Crowd-sourcing Fiverr or Fever?

Fiver anything for 5 dollars

These days its all about crowd-sourcing and how beneficial it gets when people use services like kick-starter to fund their campaigns or when they can easily hire graphic designers and programmers through odesk and elance.

One such player in the crowd sourcing marketplace is Fiverr. Its unique model is to sell all services starting from $5 whcih can vary from branding to fake reviews and testimonials. So, the next question that pops in your mind is that how-come services like logo design, programming and some more comprehensive jobs like professional translation can be done for such a small price. To get answer on all those keep reading.

1) Unlike odesk and elance where service providers can pass and complete tests to verify their credentials there is nothing like this on fiverr, even a rookie or a kid in school can become a designer or a programmer over here. So if you expect that you’ve got a windfall by getting all the services from $5, think again, i must emphasize think many times again!

2) Now the interesting part, from the $5 you pay, you need to pay $0.5 more to fiverr for their platform and the seller gets only $4 instead of $5 as fiverr keeps $1 as commission. So in actual contractors are providing you a service for mere $4 which they get after 2 weeks time. Isn’t this amazing? I call this slavery since Walmart look so good when compared here, period!

3) In addition to this Fiverr keep minting coins while those working just do what anyone can do for mere $4. And what buyer gets in the end, YOU can decide yourself.

4) Fiverr is notorious for their rude and disrespectful customer service and famous for closing accounts without any notice. This might be because they need to play street cop more often then anyone else where everything just sell for $5. So who cares if their account get closed, trying your luck and running away isn’t too hard at all.

5) Another thing to beware of is that fiverr as per their terms can close your account without any notice, so in case if you have purchased any service from them and its still in progress you may lose your payment. The only way to get it back is through a dispute via paypal as this is the only method which they accept. The looser here again is not Fiverr but the contractor who is working for mere $4 per gig and seller who just found a treasure hunt for mere $5.5. Pity isn’t it?

So finally those who still think of Fiverr as a remarkable platform, please do check the negative review here and here. So when next time you put your feet in this domain you better know you are wasting your time for mere $5.