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A battle within Battle Royale: Fortnite vs. PUBG

Quite recently, two names entered the world of gaming: Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, more commonly known as PUBG. Both the games lie under battle Royale game genre and are survival games with PUBG released first followed by the release of Fortnite. Continue reading A battle within Battle Royale: Fortnite vs. PUBG


Double Dragon to Launch Its 4th Series on January 30th, 2017

For game enthusiasts, 2017 will certainly bring a lot of hope and commitments. And, the release of new Double Dragon Series is a serious indication. Arc System Works has acquired all the rights to the series last year and officially made it clear that Double Dragon IV will hit the market on January 30, 2017. By the way, it’s a great time to honor the 30th anniversary of the original game.

Although, the excitement might not be that much high as a different company will launch the series under its name, but some of the game original developers (such as programmers, character designers and directors) are involved in the project. It means that you should be hopeful of getting the same level of entertainment from the new series as well.

However, the details are still unclear, as it looks like the company is planning to reveal more about the game in the coming weeks. So, it’s time for all of us to wait for the moment.