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Google’s Soon Going to Equip 400 Indian Train Stations with Free WiFi

India is blessed with the most rapidly growing IT industry in the world. However, even with such an enormous IT industry, it still has a huge population completely deprived of the Internet. In fact, many lower-class Indians don’t even know what internet is and how to use it. Regardless, this is soon going to change with the internet expansion project Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pechai, bringing to his native country, India.

Google unveiled its grand project of making Internet available to every household in India when Indian President, Mr. Mohdi, paid a visit to Google’s HQ in Silicon Valley. The plan is to install WiFis in 400 railway stations in India, with the first few 100 train stations expected to be loaded with WiFi by 2016. Best of all, all the WiFis will initially be made available free of cost to amplify its usage and exposure.


However, why the railway stations? Why aren’t any other places chosen as the WiFi hotspots? Well, the reason is very clear- India has one of the busiest train stations in the world. According to a 2011 survey, India has the 4th largest railway network in the world with transporting over 7 billion passengers and 900+ million tons of freight. That’s the big reason why Google chose Indian railway stations for its internet expansion project.

Mr.Pechai further made it very clear in the Google’s official blog, “It will also be fast—many times faster than what most people in India have access to today, allowing travelers to stream a high definition video while they’re waiting, research their destination, or download some videos, a book or a new game for the journey ahead.”

However, don’t confuse this project with a humanitarian work since it doesn’t appear to be. Google revealed this grand project soon after Microsoft unveiled its cheap broadband plan that is said to cover 500, 000 Indian villagers. Needless to say, Facebook is also amongst the contenders trying to mark their territories by providing grand-level internet-expansion projects.

Image Source: Google Official Blog