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How Imagining & Graphics Reshaping the Internet

When the internet was first introduced, it was built to transfer data from one remote point to another. When some bright-minded scientists saw the potential of this miraculous technology, they made it public so to let the masses have a platform where they can connect.

Still at first, it was all about browsing and exploring information which was once not accessible easily. As the time passed and advancements were made, it made a huge leap from simple web surfing to new-age marketing and then gradually to digital socialization. Now, Internet has become a household item all over the globe.

Regardless, the one thing that helped internet to gain immense expansion and ultimately wide recognition is the unlimited access to Visual Content.

Research suggests that visual content makes up 93% of all human communication. These visual contents include videos, visualized data, graphic designs and more importantly images. Ever since the advent of Internet, there’s been 4.7 trillion images uploaded to internet. These images exhibit the emotions, sentiments, muses and even imagination of people around the globe.

Just like graphic designing, imagining is also restructuring our user of internet. A few years back, we would put all our focus on developing appealing websites. We would embellish it with all the glittering and shimmering to attract eyes, forgetting there’s something call user experience beyond that appeal. UX is how the visitor interacts with the website or apps and how they navigate their way through it finding what they came looking for.

Images can be used in the same manner as User experience to understand the behavior of a person, and see their intuitive reaction to images they see. In fact, some websites and apps have even started implementing this idea to judge the user behavior and show the results the user wants. Take for instance the match making app Tinder, where the user can’t view the same profile again if it is left-swiped, unless it is a premium version.

However, Google on the other hand isn’t nearly as good in offering the “visual internet” experience, as some may call. It is because it still offering objective search experience showing simply what objects the image encompasses, not the biases it offers.

Nonetheless, go-getter startups are putting the seed of visual internet into the digital soil by harnessing the power of big data and creatively linking it to the visual data. The end result: a subjective visual internet that go beyond the current barriers and inform the behavior of a user when he sees a photo and instinctively understand the meaning behind it.

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