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Harley Davidson all set to launch electric motorcycles in 2021

Harley Davidson to Launch Its First Electric Motorcycle in 2021

Harley Davidson, a name known for its freedom, class and big beefy V-twin engines will also be recognized for something gigantic in the coming years.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right.

Sean Cummings, Harley’s senior VP during an interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal says that the company is all set to put an incredibly powerful electric motorcycle on the road in next five years.

It’s the same company that built a limited number of LiveWire electric prototypes in 2014. The bikes were showcased in front of the customers and media for test rides, but didn’t earn a positive response.

However, LiveWire’s prototype is a clear indication that the company is really excited and courageous to come up with something different and attention grabbing for the audience.

Unlike LiveWire, Harley is certainly taking it’s time to produce a better powertrain to offer more luxury, freedom and extreme class to its customers.

The specifications and final looks are still unknown and might take a couple of months, but it’s not wrong to say that the company is willing to captivate younger generation through its upcoming electric motorcycles.