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Wearable Technology Took a Whole New Turn – Introducing Biometric Tech Tattoos

People have tried wearable technologies, like tech bracelets, arm bands, etc. mainly for health or activity monitoring purposes. How about we tech that technology and put it directly onto our skins, a tattoo if that’s what you’d like to call?

An Austin-based software design and development company, Chaotic Moon, has recently built a prototype of the first ever high-tech tattoo that uses conductive paint with advanced sensors that collect all the biometric data from your body. In short, it acts as a complete healthy monitoring tattoo.

You may have heard the name, Chaotic Moon, before. It is the same company that is famous for designing unheard-before wearable techs. For instance, one of its craziest yet meaningful inventions is the proximity-sensing headband, Sentiri that we’ve talked about in our last post. The company strives to design and build stuff that can help humanity evolve and take better care of their health.

Back to the “tech tattoo”, you may be wondering by now that if it’d be like a regular tattoo, you won’t be able to get it off of your skin. Don’ you? Well, unlike other implant or cyberpunk sort of technology, this tattoo will be temporary. It can easily be washed off or removed.

Much like other health monitoring devices or gadgets, the tattoo can also collect different types of biometric data of a body and upload it to a device for medical purposes. It can even detect the body temperature of the user, and it can also sense whether the user is experiencing stress which will be based on the user’s heart rate or sweat.

However, the tattoo has the ability or potential to go many steps beyond. For instance, the tech-tattoo can be used for location-tracking of the user as well. Plus, it can also check whether the user’s body has pathogens in it or if it is poisoned. This type of features can be very useful in military level.

If this technology is mastered and churned out a bit chip in the market, lots of crazy-heads – yes those cyberpunks – might experience the cyborg-like body without getting their skins cut off for any augmentation.

Image Courtesy of: chaoticmoon.com