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The Future of Human and Machine Conversation

We are growing and evolving with every passing day or year. However, this evolution is certainly not limited to cognitive skills, social interactions, and early intellectual maturity that we see in children of this era.

The biggest evolution that has brought a complete change to our lives, and most importantly our personality, is the unhindered expansion of technology. And, to the extent that we are now even talking to “it”!

Yes, if we want to go to a restaurant in our locality but don’t know where it is located, we just ask our smartphone, Siri, Cortana, or any other virtual assistant you name it. Let me remind you, we ask and not type on any in-app search box. Maybe it’s just we being lazy or simply a benefit of technological advancement that has added a greater level of convenience to our lives.

Whatever the case is, now we are talking to our technology to get things done fast. Best part is that we, or others passing us by on streets or sitting behind us in a restaurant, don’t find it weird not even in the least.

But there’s an annoyance that comes with this technology…

When it comes to using microphones on our hand-free sets or the virtual assistants like Siri or Cortana, we’ve to bring the device closer to our mouth and speak in a very clear voice to let the other human or machine understand us. You may even find yourself screaming in the hallway or down the street if you’re using Bluetooth headsets.

Still, these technologies seem to be improving. Microphones are now coming with a wide range so that you don’t need to shout out loud to put your message across to the recipient. Likewise, you don’t need to yet to your virtual assistant to ask it to open the contacts or call the recipient. One great example is the Apple TV. When a demo of the Apple TV given in a recent keynote, the employees specifically pointing the fact to the users that they don’t have to bring the remote closer to their mouth to execute any command.

Furthermore, there are now high-end Bluetooth air-buds being produced that you can put in your ear and talk in your usual tone.

All in all, technology is sure going to evolve to an extent that the machines will sooner going to comprehend and respond to emotional queues. When this happens, would it be creepy or exciting? You decide.