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What to Expect When Virtual Reality Officially Hits the Shelves

The concept of virtual reality isn’t new. Remember the 80s American cartoon Jonny Quest? Oh, not a 80s person, then what about the anime Sword Art Online based on VR MMORPG? Yeah! Then you do know what Virtual Reality is and how much potential this cutting-edge technology holds.

However, what we truly know about it apart from the abstract fantasies that conjure up in our imaginative minds? I guess not much, isn’t it? So, let’s discuss today what the future of VR holds, what can we really expect from it, and more importantly when it’s going to show up.

We Get to Embrace Fantastic Personality

Believe it or not, we all live a dual personality in our daily life. For example, some of us are introverts but when we get behind a screen, we immediately switch to a more extrovert mind. It is because internet, or social media channels to be exact, has given us a level of freedom to express our fantasies.

However, the VR will put that freedom on steroids when we get to embrace our alter-ego in a more immersive world. We will have a persona that is more in line with our expectations or desire than in real life. Plus, we won’t be bounded by any worldly rules or universal principles. We can be Superman, Batman, Spider, Thor, or Gokko shooting Kamehameha in our virtual realm.

There’ll be a Need of More Brains than Brown

As the name suggests, we will live in a virtual world that is not restricted to any worldly rules. Hence, there we won’t need more muscles or packs, but intelligence. After all, we would be able to change our appearance whenever we desire. However, we can’t change our intellect no matter how hard we try. As it is what that comes with us when we born.

To navigate through the virtual realm, we will need more intelligence. Since we won’t be jumping with our body in the real space but using the power of our mind to do the tricks and stunts.

Completely Immersive Experience

Stretching the above point, we are still way behind in embracing the fully immersive VR experience. If we talk about our current standings, we can still feel the heavy VR gears wrapped around our heads, hands or waists.

So, if you are thinking about a compact VR gear as that shown in Sword Art Online, you can sit back and relax for a decade or more because we still need more research in the field to make that happen.