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Instagram is Looking Serious to Add Live Video Option

Facebook launched its ‘live video feature’ back in January, which is considered to be an effective way to connect with the loved ones on the spot. Moreover, this incredible live video feature is playing an integral role for entrepreneurs and brands to indulge with their fans and customers more effectively.

But, it seems like Facebook owned social network Instagram is curiously looking to launch its live video option too.

As reported by Russian website tjournal.ru, it seems like Instagram is testing out a live video feature.  The screenshot used as a feature image here suggests that live videos on Instagram will appear the same way as stories.

However, unfortunately there is not much news gathered regarding its usability, as clicking on it takes users to a “popular live broadcasts” page which isn’t loading.

Feature image courtesy: https://www.engadget.com/2016/10/21/instagram-tests-live-videos/