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Good News for Candy Crush Lovers – It’s Becoming a Game Show

Candy Crush needs no introduction. It’s a mobile game that makes every single person go crazy, no matter where he really is and what he is up to. And due to its immense recognition and popularity, we all had thoughts of watching Candy Crush as a live game show.

So, here is the good news, Candy Crush is now becoming an hour-long game show to entertain its huge fan following. For this, CBS has partnered with Lionsgate Television and Candy Crush developer King to transform the puzzle game into a real life game show.

The game show pattern will be simple yet exciting, as two teams will compete with each other to win the battle. However, CBS, King and Lionsgate will have to announce the host of the show.

Let’s have a look at the comments made by Glenn Geller, president of CBS Entertainment in a press release. “We are huge fans of Candy Crush and, like so many others we know the ‘rush’ of advancing to the next level of the game”.

He further said, “We are excited to work with Lionsgate and King to adapt one of the most popular and entertaining game franchises for television and make it available to its massive, passionate fan base who can watch and play along at home.”

We all are extremely curious that how the television show will perform and what will be the response of the audience. But, one thing is damn sure that it will be a super dose of entertainment for everyone.