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The Livestreaming App Meerkat Says Goodbye to All Its Users

Do you remember Meerkat? It’s an app that became the center of attraction right after the initial days of its launch, which also led this app to be the star of SXSW. But then, Periscope came to the party, an app that holds almost similar type of functionalities, but didn’t strike the audience well.

However, after a couple of months Twitter acquired Periscope and took it to a whole new level. From that particular point interest in Meerkat declined.

And in result, Life on Air, the company that created Meerkat, announced the shutdown of live streaming app on Twitter a couple of days ago. According to the company, Meerkat has been shutdown to focus more on Houseparty, a group chatting application.

While speaking to TechCrunch, Ben Rubin, one of the co-founders of Life on Air reveals the truth:

We may have just pulled Meerkat from the app store, but it was actually six months after we launched that we made the decision to change direction. The category of broadcast (one-to-many) wasn’t breaking as a daily habit…it’s too far away from the everyday user.

 The mission of our company has always been to connect people in the most human way possible while physically apart. Not only do we believe that Houseparty is a better manifestation of that vision, but also the market has shown us that too…spreading the app simply by word of mouth.

Blab, a livestreaming app shuts down

Blab Says Goodbye to All Its Users

Live-streaming app Blab, which was launched in 2015 and grabbed around 4 million users in just a single year has said goodbye to all its users. Shaan Puuri, the CEO of Blab has officially announced with a post on Medium earlier on Friday that the live-streaming app will no more be available for its users.

If you are hearing about Blab for the first time, then you should know that this app has competed with Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope and other gigantic media companies astonishingly.

But the question which comes to everyone’s mind is that why Blab chose to shut down?

Despite of incredible response, Blab became a solid victim of a problem that triggers majority of live-streaming apps.

According to the CEO Shaan Puuri, only 10 percent of the total users came back to use the app regularly. However, Puuri is all set to come up with a better product which is going to promise a lot more to its users.

“Blab was great in many ways, but it wasn’t going to be an everyday thing for millions. So we’re kicking down the sandcastle, and re-building it as an ‘always on’ place to hang with friends.”