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Google Project Ara Modular Mobiles – The Revolutionary Smartphones

Owning a desktop PC seems to be the most preferred choice of many users. Why, you may ask? Perhaps, it is because desktop machines let you customize them the way you see fit. If you need more memory, you can just open the side-lid of your PC’s casing and replace the current one with a new. Simple!

What if the same notion could be applied to smartphones as well? How wonderful would it be to have a mobile that has customizable features? Luckily, Google Project Ara will bring such technology in your hands soon- a modular smartphone that you’ve been waiting for years.

Project Ara Inception

Project Ara is an open hardware system. It was the inception of Motorola before it was acquired by Google. While in Motorola, the project was worked on and supervised by the Motorola Advanced Technology and Project group, which later bossed by Google after acquisition. Although in 2014 Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google but the “Big G” didn’t give away its Google Advanced Technology and Project group, along with some other patents.

What’s a Modular Smartphone

Modular smartphone will be much like a desktop PC in that it will come with a basic exoskeleton that can be customized as you see fit using different modules. There will be a modular for camera, memory, front display, and more. Since it is an open hardware platform, there will be modules not only by Google but also third party developers, which will be available on a Google Play like store.

What made modular smartphones so amazing apart from their customizable features is that the modules can be changed without the need of turning off the phone first. The modules will be connected with the device using electropermanent magnets.

Operating System for Project Ara Modular Mobiles

Since the modular smartphone may come under the umbrella of Google projects, it will use Google’s flagship OS, android, although it’d be slightly tweaked for compatibility with the device. However, it is still open to debate whether it will be an official android or not as Ara isn’t an official product of Google but a “development effort”.

The Launch and Cost of Project Ara

Although the phone is still in its development phase, the project was expected to be launched in 2015. However, later in 2015 the project’s launched date was moved to 2016. Regarding the smartphone’s price, it was stated that the “production cost” of the modular mobile is around $50 to $100. According to the officials, the final cost will be decided once the carrier contract is made.

Image Courtesy of: gizmag.com/project-ara-puerto-rico-trial/35632/