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Netflix Deals With iQiyi to Enter the Chinese Market

Netflix dominates the world with its unparalleled streaming content. But, it seems like the journey has become a little easier after the company officially announced a deal with a Chinese firm, iQiyi, to make the streaming content available across the country.

Although Netflix is not going to get full-fledged broadcasting access, but this move will surely help the company mark its presence within the region. A Netflix vice president even said that this collaboration will eventually grow awareness about Netflix and its unique content.

The Chinese market of video content, on the other hand, is already huge and improving with some robust pace. In such circumstances, Netflix would have to face a serious competition to make its way through.

Also, it is still unclear that what content would be distributed in collaboration with iQiyo and when it would be available. So, let’s wait and see how the plan works for Netflix…