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Amazon Added New Feature to Judge Your Daily Outfit Choices

Amazon certainly has something new to offer to its prime members. The latest version of one of the most prolific e-commerce apps has introduced a new feature called “Outfit Compare”. The feature is quite simple in its nature. All a user has to do is upload two pictures of himself in different clothes and receive a response in just a few minutes. And, that particular response will let him know which outfit looks better. Sounds cool, right?

To make Outfit Compare work well, Amazon has hired a group of stylists with massive experience in retail and the fashion industry, so that your clothes could be judged based on their colors and ongoing trends.

The company is aware of the fact that uploading images will discourage you from using the feature. Therefore, Amazon has made it clear that only the staff will be able to see the images just to make sure that privacy of the users get protected at all costs.

As far as the feature’s usability is concerned, it gives scores on a style scale. And due to the reason, a ranking system has been designed, suggesting you about which outfit works fine on you today.

Although Outfit Compare looks like an interesting feature, but what Amazon is expecting from it is still not clear. However, when Amazon has been asked to make a comment, it said that “Outfit Compare is a prime feature that aims to make the membership service something that becomes part of our members’ daily life”.