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Google Earth and Trends Live Cases for Pixel is All You Need to Know

Yesterday, Google has officially launched two extremely incredible Live Cases for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. And the new additions are named as Earth and Trends, which are now easily available for anyone from the Google Store, Verizon and Best Buy.

Alright, that was a quick intro about the cases. Let’s start talking about the Earth model first.

It’s been designed to cater the people who like to explore beautiful places because the case will expose a number of breathe taking places around the world. With such a feature, customers will always have the ability to select images as per their preferences from the repository.

Not only this, the Earth Live Case will download new wallpaper every single day, and to keep you updated about the places, it will also share some details about them.

On the other hand, Live Case Trends is slightly different from Earth as it places the most common search trends on your Pixel’s wallpaper.

Both of the cases are now available all across the US and Canada at fair amount of $49.99. It genuinely means if you’re using Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL, you’re all good to make your friends jealous of these stunningly gorgeous live cases.