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Pepper the Kid Robot Will Staff an Entire Store of SoftBank

Looks like the days of “Machine-ization” is not so far away now. Whether mankind would be subjugated by evil machines or not, future will tell, but what we know so far is that the new kid robot in town, Pepper, is going to conquer our heart with its overwhelming cuteness. How so?

Softbank the designer of Pepper has planned to put Pepper in its staff at its store. Yes, the whole store will be run by these cute, humanoid robots that will interact with the customers, wave at them, give them a high five and more.

Softbank, the Japanese phone carrier, will be opening its store in Tokyo, Japan, on March 28th and will continue to operate till April 3rd. The company will employ up to six Peppers in its store, and according to the company the robots will welcome the customers to the store, sign-up a phone contract with them, display the mobiles to the customers and in fact give a demonstration as well.

Although the company states that the staff will be comprised of only Peppers, but there will be human representatives as well and their job will be to check the Ids of the customers.

Pepper is a robot built for companionship. It is created to interact with humans, chat with them through its voice and detect the emotions of the speaker. It can read you emails and even get you beverage. The robot is so popular that its initial 1000 units were sold at its first event.

Feature Image Courtesy of: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2486327,00.asp