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All You Need to Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1

At MWC (Mobile World Conference), we have been able to see a lot of technological advancements within the smartphone industry. And, this is where Samsung also announced the Galaxy Book Windows 10 2-in-1. Well, it clearly looked like a blunt answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro line. But, we have not been able to hear any news about Galaxy’s Book release date after that.

Although the specifications of the device seemed superb, but the audience was unclear about its availability. However, now people have a reason to know more about Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1 because its release date is officially confirmed.

You will be able to get your hands on the LTE model from 21st of April, while the WiFi version will hit the retailers on May 21st. The LTE version basically comes in two sizes, 12-inch and 10.6 inch, therefore the price also varies quite prominently. The model with 12-inch will be available for $1, 300, whereas the one with 10.6 inch for $630.