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A Modern Twist to Samsung’s Mobile Accessories is displaying a Good Sense of Style

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has now become a past because the company keeps customers’ satisfaction on top of the chart. And, Samsung’s latest range of stylish mobile accessories is bringing the curiosity back once again.

Each accessory is meant to be connected with a smartphone or tablet to double the dose of entertainment and enhance functionality at the same time. However, the products are only available in South Korea, but in the initial days of November they will be available in multiple markets across the world.

In total, there are only six products including a battery pack, a wireless charging tray, two wireless speakers and in-ear headphones. But, the only thing that makes these accessories different and entirely unique is their sleek and stylish design.

On the other hand, we still have to wait for prices because Samsung has not revealed any pricing information officially. It seems like value for each accessory will vary depending on the country you’re in.

Feature image courtesy of: https://yhoo.it/2eumuFo

Samsung might launch its bendable, foldable smartphones for 2017

Samsung Plans to Launch Bendable, Foldable Smartphones in 2017

According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung is planning to launch two smartphones with bendable and foldable screens. And quite a few times, Samsung has made it clear that it’s working to unveil this technology in 2017.

Well, it seems like Samsung knows the way to treat customers in the best possible manner. It’s due to the reason the company always believes in doing something different and extraordinary for its audience.

These bendable phones will come in two categories, one with folding like a cosmetic compact and another that transforms from a 5-inch smartphone-sized screen, more like a tablet.

We can’t wait to see how other smartphone makers will react and respond to this incredible advancement. But one thing is for sure that the phones codenamed “Project Valley” will turn out to be a great initiative by Samsung for its people.

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Samsung launched Batman Inspired Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Joined Hands with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to Launch Batman Inspired Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Yes, you heard that right.

Samsung in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has launched its Batman inspired Samsung Galaxy S7 in North Korea on May 27.

Now, it is probably going to be exciting news for people who are crazy fans of Justice: Gods Among Us. And, this particular demand became reason for the launch of Samsung’s Batman inspired limited edition.

But unfortunately, its availability might be a little issue. The officials said that the device will be available in June in only selected areas including Latin America, Korea, Russia, China and Singapore. Furthermore, the company has plans to launch the device in a couple of more markets as well, but it’s not yet confirmed.

But wait…. you know what the good news really is?

“The device will come with a gear VR and a real gold-plated batarang”.

Sounds great, right?

This is what Younghee Lee, Samsung Electronics’ executive VP of global marketing said during the launch.

“We are excited to partner with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and offer a special edition of Galaxy S7 Edge for fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Samsung always seeks to provide the best mobile gaming experience for its users, and this partnership reinforces our commitment to the game’s fan.

Feature Image Courtesy of: http://bit.ly/1Uh9LoS