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Delphi to test self-driving fleet in Singapore

Delphi is All Set to Test Self-Driving Fleet in Singapore

Others may be talking about it, but it looks likes automotive technology parts supplier Delphi believes in doing.

The company has officially announced the partnership with Singapore to initiate a pilot program for self-driving taxi service. Sound’s absolutely awesome, right?

But, there are a lot of things that you definitely need to know before jumping in an autonomous car next time. Delphi is set to use only three fixed routes for self-driving Audi SQ5s which will cover around 5 miles.

Since the service is just being initiated, therefore a driver will be seen in the car, acting as a lifeguard in case of any emergency. However, once the plan starts working smoothly, no driver will be seen, as the ultimate motive of Delphi is to make the service totally driver-free.

Let’s see what Glen DeVos, vice president of engineering for Delphi has to say about the new self-driving fleet.

“It allows us to demonstrate that we have the complete ecosystem, knowledge and capability, the vehicle, the sensors, the automated software controlling connectivity to the cloud, the management of the fleet, the data and analytics on how the vehicle is performing.”