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Tesla Model S is Going to Let You Experience the Joy of Driving Auto-Pilot Cars

Few months back Tesla unveiled that it is soon going to integrate a new technology into its cars, i.e., Autopilot. Yes, soon we are going to experience the enormous joy of driving self-driven cars that would need little to no attention from the driver, and thus make the entire journey hassle-free.

Long ago, self-driving cars was just a far-fetched dream. However, with the current advancements it is now possible to dip our feet into this uncharted ocean and experience what it feels like to drive an autopilot vehicle.

That being said, the current autopilot technology isn’t fully matured yet, though it will be, soon. In fact, Tesla, the Billionaire, Entrepreneur, Engineer and Inventor, advised himself that right now the self-driving cars should be used on the highways, not the streets. It is because the autopilot feature integrated into Tesla Model S system isn’t fully efficient enough to distinguish between stop lights, and such.

Regardless, driving an autopilot vehicle is itself a miracle which is first experienced by the team at TechCrunch. Recently, TC was given the first ride to its Model S and the reviews given by the rep was something.

Tesla Model S is loaded with four main equipments that power its autopilot feature: 12 long-ranged ultrasonic sensors that can sense anything within 16 feet of the car, forward radar that allows the car to see clearly ahead even in unfair weather condition like rain and fog, a forward-facing camera that acknowledges speed limits, and an efficient braking system that is digitally maneuvered.

The autopilot system in Tesla Model S is so amazing and efficient that it can do parallel parking with almost zero percent error.

Coming back to the test ride video, it shows the TC’s rep having a smooth driving experience. The car gracefully maintains the speed, and keeps the car on the lane. Seeing that the autopilot isn’t fully matured yet, the driver has to interact with the street every few minutes or seconds. In other words, you can’t just lay back and relax while the car drives you to the desired destination.

The autopilot system comes with both Model S and Xs however with the one-time fee of $2, 500 for activation.

Paint the Town – Google Invites Californians to Create Artwork to Be Displayed on Its Self-Driving Cars

Google wants its prototype self-driving cars to make human friends. To achieve that goal, it is inviting the residents of California to participate in its Paint the Town project, and win a chance to experience its self-driving cars from up close.

Led by the motto, “Help transform our self-driving cars into moving pieces of public art”, Paint the Town is a mobile-art project that invites the artistic minds of California to submit their magnum opus. Upon getting selected, only 10 chosen artworks will be featured on the car doors of Google’s self-driving prototypes “for a month” and even more. Apart from the car, the artworks will also be features on the website as well as the “Open Garage” community at this fall, where the lucky winners will get a chance to ride in the prototype.

The participants are required to be at least 13 years or more, and they must be legal residents of California. The artworks can be submitted between July 11th and August 30th. The submissions must also be submitted with a 100-words description supporting the theme of the project, “my community, my neighbors.”

Google hasn’t revealed any further information apart from a brief overview of the project and some simple guidelines, as of yet. However, in the coming month of July, more information is expected to be released regarding the project. If you’re also interested in the project, you may check out their website for more info.