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ShapeKit – An App That Let Kids Unchained Their Creative Beast

What kids love most? Playing with sand and eating it whenever they find themselves freed from the strict surveillance of their parents…? No! Besides that!

I’m talking about the scribbling they love to do on a blank paper or anything that looks like a canvas, like house walls or kitchen counter…you get the picture.

To keep such kids and many others – of course – busy letting their creative urges satisfied through the right means, ShapeKit is introduced.

Designed by KidKit, owned by a group of trio with Young Sang Cho with the brain behind it, Shapekit offers a virtual playground for kids with age between six and twelve. Its core purpose is to educate them about the use and characteristics of shapes and colors.

The tool uses Tangram as its design model. It allows the learner to develop basic creative or visual skills from the ground up such as angel perception, shape consistency, and more. Another key advantage of using such model is to equip kids with the skills to visually perceive how any raw material can be utilized to form something new.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive interactivity allows ease of use for kids. For instance, when a shape is selected that app pops up a description of its characteristics and its many uses. This feature allows first time users to easily get familiar with the objects.

Children can easily create cute objects, buildings, pyramids, robots or even flat animals, using limited shapes like circle, square, triangle, quadrant, etc.

Inspired by vintage building blocks and using flat color palette, ShapeKit doesn’t simply offer a drag and drop play like other drawing apps. The key feature that makes it stand apart from others is its emphasis “on the physicality of creation”, as Young put it in an interview by TechCrunch. For instance, the kid has to punch holes on the object to create joints and connect the points using virtual metal brads.

Perhaps what sets this amazing kids’ app apart is the powerful animation that it comes loaded with. This way kids can take their creative artwork to a whole new level, and see how their imagination works when it comes to life.

ShapeKit is available on iTunes for download and can be purchased for as little as $2.99 dollars, which if you ask me, is worth all the fun and enjoyment.

Image Courtesy of:http://kidkit.co/shapekit/