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HydrateMe – The 21st Century Bottle That Glows When Your Body Needs H2O

HydrateMe is a cutting-edge technology that comes in the shape of a reusable water bottle, equipped with a sensor that periodically reminds you to hydrate yourself.

Hailed as the “smartest water bottle ever”, HydrateMe has successfully raised over $600K funds on KickStarter in just 1.5 months, backed by 8,000 interested funders. It is a pretty interesting sum for an interactive technology that is, although, not new on this popular crowdfunding platform.

Product campaigns like these are presented every now and then on KickStarter. However, none came any closer to racking in hundreds of thousands of dollars than HydrateMe.

So, what’s make this bottle more interesting than other potential candidates out there?

HydrateMe is a plastic (BPA free) water bottle like any other you’d use in your home…but with a slight touch of technology. It comes integrated with a high-tech sensor or a tracker that keeps a thorough track of your daily water intake.

Image Courtesy of: Hydrate.me
Image Courtesy of: Hydrate.me

Accompanied by a friendly app, the bottles stays connected with the app all day long. Upon registration with the app, you’ll be asked to feed the app your personal details like Age, Height, Weight, Gender and daily activity level. While keeping those details into account, the app syncs with the sensor inside the bottle to monitor your water intake.

Whenever your body would need a sip, the bottle will alert you by glowing itself. Another best feature of this amazing bottle is that it also keeps track of the daily temperature and the humidity level to create goals for your water intake needs accordingly. Plus, whenever you fall off the track, say you forgot the bottle at home when you hit the park for jogging, the app will send reminders to your smartphone informing you that it’s time for a Sip.

HyrdrateMe has a pretty comfy ergonomics that ensure that you’d feel comfortable taking the bottle with you wherever you go, be it on your bicycle, car or on foot. The bottle comes in several beautiful colors like Crystal Pink, Bamboo Green, Amethyst Purple, etc. It has a fairly flexible built which makes it dishwasher safe.

Best of all, the 710 ml. water bottle comes with a 1 year batter life, which means you never need to charge the battery like any other charging-dependent gadget.

The product will be out in the market around the fall of 2015, and also ready for shipment around the globe.