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Facebook Loses Billions of Dollars in Value Overnight

Facebook has remained the social media giant since a very long time now and considering how rapidly tastes of users change along with serious competition, the news of Facebook’s total value declining from $629.6 billion to $506.2 billion overnight should not come as a surprise. On a brighter note, the devaluation is not totally because of the data compromise by Facebook that has been a hot topic recently! Continue reading Facebook Loses Billions of Dollars in Value Overnight

How to Disappear Online – A How-To-Get-Off-The-Grid Infographics for Dummies

There’s a whole commotion of cyber crimes online. However, there are many who seem to be all ignorant from it, and they remain ignorant until they find themselves in this virtual quagmire.

So, what is the point of origin of all those cyber crimes? If you believe that it is illegal access to credit card or financial info online, you may be partly right but not completely. With the rise in social media that lets users share their day in and day out activities, knowing important details about someone down to what they eat and when they sleep has become a lot easier.

Although online networks do offer some level of privacy to its users, getting past that level isn’t difficult at all. When searching for job, the employer can easily judge your personality and character by not only going through your LinkedIn but also other networks like Tweeter, Facebook, etc. Same is true in other instances such as dating, etc. Such wide online presence often becomes food for the wild hyenas that are out there to get you.

Regardless, when people find themselves stalked by creeps online they try to ward them off by deleting their accounts. Although there are many websites that can easily extract all your online information that add to your online presence and let you delete, still that isn’t enough.

But don’t you worry. Thanks to the access to a plethora of resources online, you can get off the grid with little to no efforts. Recently, whoishostingthis.com has shared an infographics which is a treasure trove for people looking to wipe out their online presence for good. Sounds like you? Check out the infographics.