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Swiftkey's new app predicts your next emoji

Swiftkey Launches A New Keyboard that Predicts Your Next Emoji

Microsoft owned company Swiftkey that produces keyboard app has officially launched its new keyboard for Android and iOS. It’s a fantastic app that will help users by predicting best emoji to make their messages and emails more attractive and reader-centric.

Swiftkey’s new app will reduce the effort of finding appropriate emoji for adding a true feel. All a user needs to do is type a word, phrase or sentence, the app will suggest a number of relevant emoji to choose from. It’s as simple as that…

For instance, typing football will suggest you a couple of best suited emoji to bring life and extreme excitement to the text for its reader.

The app basically works by analyzing the context of your conversation and suggests you best of the best emoji to take it to a whole new level.

Swiftkey is not the only company offering automatic emoji predictor. Apple has some serious plans to incorporate such an idea to its iOS 10. Moreover, Google’s Gboard also allows its users to find appropriate emoji related to the type of message.

But, let’s see how people will respond to this new keyboard app by Swiftkey.