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Is OPPO Find X the Phone of the Future?

Mobile phone brands are in a rat-race to invent something that people have never seen before. After iPhone X, a lot of brands threw phones with a significant screen-to-body ratio in the market but OPPO Find X seems to break all record. The screen covers 93.8% of the phone which makes it number one on the list of large screen phones. What makes OPPO Find X unique are the pop-up cameras that people have witnessed for the first time ever. Continue reading Is OPPO Find X the Phone of the Future?

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Finally on iOS Now

Amazon launched one of its most popular services five years ago known as FreeTime Unlimited that includes a large number of TV shows and movies from Nickelodeon, Disney and PBS Kids along with thousands of books for children of ages 3-12 years. However, for four years straight, the e-commerce giant decided to limit the service to Amazon platform only after which it finally launched FreeTime Unlimited for Android as well. Continue reading Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Finally on iOS Now

Hinge Will Not Require Facebook Login Now

Dating apps have been very popular in recent years and the statistics reveal that apps like Tinder and Hinge are experiencing rapid growth with respect to the number of users. While Tinder still remains the leader in dating apps market, Hinge is growing with the passage of time and the new strategy that it is introducing would mean an even higher number of users in coming years. Continue reading Hinge Will Not Require Facebook Login Now

Three Brand New Ways to Market Your Technology

No one will know just how fantastic your product is unless you let the world know about it, which could be yet another miserable failure if you don’t do it the right way. Although there is an endless option from which you can choose to market your product, however not all of them will suit your business and guarantee adequate feedback.  Nevertheless, the brand new ways in which you can effectively reach your customers have made the whole marketing process less stressful than it has ever been! Continue reading Three Brand New Ways to Market Your Technology

Overview of New Cell Phone Technologies For 2018

2018 is a year full of surprises where the gears of technology are aiming to reach the sky. The story is the same with the cell phone technology too as the year 2018 promises a year full of some significant and advanced refinements and mass adoptions.

Here is what we most impatiently expect this year to be a part of our smartphones: Continue reading Overview of New Cell Phone Technologies For 2018


Google Makes Contacts App Available for All Android Phones

Apart from technical reasons, there is one big thing that gave Pixel and Nexus a slight edge over other competing smartphones – a complete access to all of the latest perks (services) from Google. And, Google Contacts was certainly one of those apps. But, wait! Things seem to be changing now as Google has made Contacts app available for all Android phones.

Sounds cool, right?

For those who don’t have clear understanding of what Contacts really is: It is a Google’s app that manages all your contacts. The app was previously accessible on Pixel, Android, Nexus and Google Play Edition phones, but now anyone having Android Lollipop 5 or above can make the most of it.

Contacts is extremely useful for people having multiple Google accounts and looking for a platform that can allow them to access all contacts easily from one channel.

So, if you have been utilizing third-party apps because you don’t have a Pixel, Nexus or Android One, don’t worry. From now on, Contacts will work perfectly on your Android phone as well.