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Three Brand New Ways to Market Your Technology

No one will know just how fantastic your product is unless you let the world know about it, which could be yet another miserable failure if you don’t do it the right way. Although there is an endless option from which you can choose to market your product, however not all of them will suit your business and guarantee adequate feedback.  Nevertheless, the brand new ways in which you can effectively reach your customers have made the whole marketing process less stressful than it has ever been! Continue reading Three Brand New Ways to Market Your Technology


Nokia Making a Comeback Yet Again at MWC 2018

Nokia’s story is an interesting one in the world of mobile phones. From a peak time to suddenly vanishing from markets and now taking off again, Nokia is committed to serving customers who have always been loyal to the brand as well as the new potential markets.

Mobile World Congress has been a crucial platform for Nokia to make important announcements and reveal their new phones. Starting from Nokia 3, 5 and 6 last year and making a surprise entry in the world of mobile phones, MWC 2018 seems to be the boosting point for Nokia due to exceptionally amazing phones revealed. Let us see what they are offering this time! Continue reading Nokia Making a Comeback Yet Again at MWC 2018


Which Amazon Echo is appropriate for you?

There was a time when we used to appreciate an operating system’s personal assistant services. It comes as no surprise to observe the way these personal assistants have evolved in gadgets and their accuracy in identifying voices today.

A great example is that of Amazon’s Echo with Alexa as their personal assistant! Breaking the limits of operating within your phone, Alexa can now work on household commands once programmed that way.

Owners of Amazon Echo need to set up the commands initially after which commands like “Alexa, switch of the lights” are obeyed by the personal assistant. Given the fact that six Echo products are available in the market with Echo 3 expected to arrive by the end of this year, here is a short review of each to help you find the best one for yourself: Continue reading Which Amazon Echo is appropriate for you?


First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging System Has Been Approved By FCC

Right now, it is quite legit to argue that wireless charging is not really wireless because you still need to place your device physically on top of a charging mat to fuel it up. But, it seems that things are likely to be changed from now on, as FCC has recently given approval for the first power-at-a-distance wireless charging system, which is an innovation of Energous. Continue reading First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging System Has Been Approved By FCC


Just Like Facebook, WhatsApp Added Colorful Text Status Update

Today is all about WhatsApp because the messaging app has rolled out status updates that will let you write whatever in your mind on a colorful image background. Well, it all started as a simple text-only feature, later it allowed users to add photos and videos. Now, users have the ability to choose fonts and background colors. Moreover, they can even add links to their status to show something specific.

This is what a spokesperson has to say about it:

“Now you never have to worry about getting the word out to all your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for vacation recommendations or notifying a group about the address for a party, the text-based status feature allows you to update your contacts in a fun and personal way.”

So now, a user has three options to add excitement and creativity to his status. He can go with emojis to accentuate a certain feeling, and with background colors and amazing font options, he can give an absolutely eye-catching look to the status update.


Google Makes Contacts App Available for All Android Phones

Apart from technical reasons, there is one big thing that gave Pixel and Nexus a slight edge over other competing smartphones – a complete access to all of the latest perks (services) from Google. And, Google Contacts was certainly one of those apps. But, wait! Things seem to be changing now as Google has made Contacts app available for all Android phones.

Sounds cool, right?

For those who don’t have clear understanding of what Contacts really is: It is a Google’s app that manages all your contacts. The app was previously accessible on Pixel, Android, Nexus and Google Play Edition phones, but now anyone having Android Lollipop 5 or above can make the most of it.

Contacts is extremely useful for people having multiple Google accounts and looking for a platform that can allow them to access all contacts easily from one channel.

So, if you have been utilizing third-party apps because you don’t have a Pixel, Nexus or Android One, don’t worry. From now on, Contacts will work perfectly on your Android phone as well.


Apple Gets Green Signal to Test 5G Wireless Technology

The FCC has given green signal to Apple to start testing its 5G technology, and that certainly adds the company in the list of those who are already working towards making 5G available to the masses. T-Mobile is expected to launch its 5G technology in 2020, whereas Sprint is going way head as it has plans to launch the technology in 2019. Moreover, Verizon and AT&T are also looking extremely serious to join their competitors.

Apple has always been optimistic to make an impact by improving the efficiency and quality of internet, therefore the company applied for the license in May. While doing this, Apple revealed some of the details about the plan and what objectives it holds.

Well practically, the approach is pretty sensible because it will provide immense technical data relevant to make necessary alterations within the technology before the launch.

As far as the tests are concerned, they will take place at two different locations in Silicon Valley, one in Milpitas and the other one close to Apple HQ in Cupertino. And according to the company, testing will be completed within the time period of one year.


Now You Can Share Any File You Want on WhatsApp

Not many weeks ago, it was all over the internet that WhatsApp will allow users to share any type of file they want through its application. Fortunately, the news has now become a reality. And, it is surely going to be an amazing update for people who use WhatsApp extensively for work.

The update is finally available on both Android and iOS. And, if you have not updated your app yet, do it now. For many years, WhatsApp only allowed its users to share media files such as photos and videos, but in the recent past, the developers made sure that people are able to share documents such as PDFs by adding a support.

With this latest update, it seems that users will have the power to share just about any file on their phones. However, there are some limitations in terms of file size. The maximum size of a file that you can send is 100MB, which certainly means that you shouldn’t expect WhatsApp to allow you share movies or any file bigger than this size.

But with this, there is also good news. WhatsApp won’t compromise the quality of your photos which it used to do in the past. You can now send photos and not worry about the quality because it is never going to get downgraded.


Thanks to Logitech: Now Gamers Certainly Have a Reason to Like Wireless Mice

Logitech has all the reasons to surprise gamers with its new Powerplay technology that builds wireless charging directly into its mouse pad. This allows wireless mice to charge continuously without swapping batteries in the middle of the match.

Logitech, while revealing about the technology, claimed that it took more than four years of constant research and development to make it a reality.

Now, your next biggest concern is a compatible mouse that really works great with the Powerplay, right? Well, things are going just your way because you have two mice to choose from: the G703 Lightspeed ($100) which is quite simple in design and a bit lighter as well. Whereas, the G903 Lightspeed ($150) has a customizable button layout that automatically enhances responsiveness of the button.

You will have to wait a little more to get your hands on the Powerplay because it is not going to arrive before August. However, the G703 and G903 will hit the market in June.


You Can Now Preorder Your Microsoft’s Surface Pen for $99

Let’s all hear the great news: Preorders for Microsoft’s new Surface Pen are open, which the company announced last month alongside the new Surface Pro. The cost set for the pen is $99. However, for now, it seems that only the platinum version of the pen is available. Moreover, you can’t preorder blue, black or burgundy versions as they are still shown in the “coming soon” section.

Virtually, the pen is lag free as Microsoft reduced lag to 21 milliseconds, and this is where Apple Pencil takes the lead by 1ms. But, the four different color options give Microsoft’s Surface Pen a slight edge and dominance.

Since there is a drastic cut down in lag, therefore the new pen speeds up the inking experience eventually. The new version is double efficient than the previous one, and can also handle tilting, which allows users shade smoothly like they would with a pencil.

So, what’s your take on it? Let us know your feedback!