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Twitch Brings in FailArmy and The Pet Collective as Two New Channels

I think Twitch needs no introduction since it has been making a buzz around for quite some time now. And this time, Twitch has taken a step further by launching two new channels: FailArmy and The Pet Collective.

Interestingly, both of the channels publish funny content. FailArmy showcases viral clips submitted by a huge number of fans, whereas The Pet Collective displays trending animal videos.

Jane Weedon, director of business development for Twitch says, “The meteoric rise of IRL vlogging category on Twitch is a clear sign that our community loves commentating on everyday activities. We have also witnessed the appeal of shared experiences when it comes to watching programmatic TV marathons together. FailArmy has the top collection of IRL viral clips from all over the world and The Pet Collective is representative of the internet’s love for cute animals. Bringing their programming to Twitch breathes new life into the content by adding commentary from viewers, while tapping into their love of collective viewing.”

For your information, FailArmy is now live and going to debut a “Fails of the Week” series later today, while the Pet Collective will be online very soon.