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Web Design Trends that Have Been Dominant in 2017

Web design is an ever-changing landscape where you, as a designer, have to keep your eyes open so that you can stay aware of new web design trends and techniques. Especially in this user-focused era where user experience means everything, you can’t afford to play your cards wrong anyhow. Continue reading Web Design Trends that Have Been Dominant in 2017


Mobile UX Trends that are Revolutionizing the Word “Design”

Mobile users today are so much difficult to understand. Getting frequent updates on their smartphones related to latest features don’t surprise them at all, which eventually puts a lot of pressure on UX designers and developers to keep bringing remarkable innovations.

Talking about some of the most promising design trends (virtual and augmented reality, conversational interface and motion design), they have been incorporated massively. And, we would definitely see them performing well in the coming years too.

So, let’s take a closer look at these three mobile trends and why they have become extremely popular in just a short span of time.

  • Virtual Augmented Reality

Since smartphones have become efficient in terms of speed, cameras and quality of graphics, therefore virtual reality and augmented reality experiences are booming quite drastically.

The magic of AR and VR is that they allow you to put your users into a multi-sensory environment, where they can have a real-like experience without being there.

  •  Conversational Interface

If something related to UX design is hot, then it is a conversational interface. And, due to native virtual assistants that are built in majority of smartphones, users look more happy and comfortable talking to a bot.

  •  Interface and Motion Design

The time when flash-based design got retired, animation has risen from there and it rapidly become one of the demanding UX trends. There is a Dubai-based agency known as QousQazah, which implements motion design to its clients’ websites and mobile apps in an incredible way. You got to check them out!

Alright! So, this is it. If you have not started using these mobile UX trends yet, then what are you waiting for? Give your users a splendid experience that they can’t get rid of.