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Google Took Its Street View to Sheer Vertical Cliffs Starting With The El Capitan

Google’s street view has been known to taking internet users on breathtaking virtual tours. It has not only mapped the famous places around the globe like the rivers and canals of Venice, but also the notorious spots popular for their unsolved mysteries like the Loch Ness.

Recently, Google took the plunge and went on, on taking the most difficult of challenges, i.e., mapping the vertical street view of dangerous cliffs or should we say a 3,000 feet high vertical rock formation in the Yosemite National Park, The El Capitan. However, instead of sending its own personnel to do the mapping on dangerous heights, Google took the help of the legendary climber, Tommy Caldwell, who scaled the El Capitan along with his companion six months ago, on January, 2015.

This time Caldwell joined two other famous climbers, Alex Honnold and Lynn Hill, to pull this incredible feat again. The mission of the group was to capture the whole route to the top of the summit along with the best camp-out spots as an educational material for potential climbers.

To collect the imagery the team let Honnold, the quick and efficient as Caldwell put it, strapped the street-view camera around his back…“Alex took the camera and pretty much ran 3,000 feet up with photographer partner Brett Lowell. Now, anyone can get the beta (climbing speak for insider advice) before they climb the entire route”, mentioned by Caldwell in his Google Blog Post.

The end-results are simply amazing: 360-degree panoramic at 3,000-feets high, the unbelievable maneuvers pulled by Lynn and the majestic images that start from the root of the El Capitan and goes all the way to the famous The Nose.

You can find more images and behind the scenes on Google’s blog.