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NFC introduces visa powered payment ring

Payments Now Made Easy Through Visa-Powered Payment Ring

The wait is finally over because the visa-powered contactless payment ring used by the athletes in the Olympics is now available worldwide for everyone.

So, instead of using a contactless credit or debit card to make payments, you can just wave your hand to make the entire process extremely easy and less time consuming.

The primary reason of introducing the visa-powered ring was to improve the payment system for athletes who usually wear pocket-less clothing. But now, the NFC ring allows everyone from any part of the world to pay without swiping the card.

Unlike conventional payment methods which generally use magnetic strip cards, the visa-powered ring uses “tokenization technology” to enhance the sophistication and provide its users with better payment security.

Are you excited to book your order now? Well, you can do it from the official website of NFC ring for $53 and it’s expected to ship around December.