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AirJamz – The Wristband that Puts Air Guitar on Steroids

If there’s an air-jammer in you, we’ve got you a great surprise. You can now take your air guitar-ing beast to a whole new level with AirJamz.

With the rise of wearable technologies, innovators can’t resist but to embed every other passion, hobby or even needs of yours into small, wearable tech, and among them wristbands are the most popular.

Image Courtesy of: http://www.air-jamz.com/

With AirJamz, air guitarists will get even a better experience. The use of the wristband is pretty simple. Just strap it on your wrist, hook it up with the companion app, and be on your merry way to air guitaring. You can select any song, and start sweeping the thumb to keep the beats going.

There’s another great feature for group jammers. The wristband also allows users to team up for a grouped jamming session.

The technology was demoed at the SXSW by air guitar enthusiasts. The wristband is available for an inexpensive price of just $50, which makes it even more desirable gadget for the guitar aficionados. Users can grab this great wearable gadget from Kickstarter by 29th March.

AirJamz isn’t the first wearable tech in the music sector, and surely isn’t the last. You can find more details and the SXSW event’s pics on Engadget.

Feature Image Courtesy of: http://www.air-jamz.com/